wi-tribe begins deployment of first ever LTE-Advanced network in Pakistan

wi-tribe Pakistan Logowi-tribe is excited to announce the deployment of it’s LTE-Advanced network infrastructure. The first of it’s kind LTE-A network will be capable of delivering faster speeds than the prevalent 4G networks operating in Pakistan.

wi-tribe has begun accepting pre-booking for LTE-A connections. Customers who opt to pre-book will get:

– exclusive access to try out wi-tribe’s high speed LTE-A internet

– avail exciting ‘early-bird’ discounts.

Click here to pre-book wi-tribe LTE-A today.

Previously, wi-tribe announced that it had signed an MOU for manufacturing of 4G LTE SIMS in partnership with Kwich High Tech & Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.

This upgradation of LTE-A network infrastructure is part of a $50 million investment program initiated by HB Group; the owners of wi-tribe. Here’s what HB Group’s chairman, Mr. Hasan Bokhari had to say…

“We are excited to announce that after taking a number of key strategic initiatives in recent months such as the $multi-million spectrum upgrade, we have agreed a $15 million contract and long term strategic partnership with Huawei of China for upgradation to LTE-A network. This investment and partnership will secure wi-tribe’s future as the leader in Pakistan’s fast changing fixed internet and technology market for the next 5+ years.”

The LTE-Advanced network services will not only be the fastest in Pakistan but also in the South Asia region. The network deployment is expected to be completed by July 2017 and will be offered initially in Karachi and Lahore regions.

What is LTE-A?

LTE stands for “long-term evolution.” In telecommunications, LTE is a standard for high-speed wireless communication for mobile phones and data terminals. Whereas, LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) is an emerging technology and as the name suggests, a more advanced set of standard that is able to deliver bigger and faster wireless data payloads with 4.5G equivalent speed. [1]

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