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Wi-tribe Digital Partner enables you to generate leads* & earn money sitting at home!

The digital age demands us to innovate & revolutionize the way we do everything in our lives. Making money is just another but very important process that has totally evolved, it is about time the masses take advantage of it and start making some MONEY.

App Chalao Paisa Banao

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Here you will find frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers for basic troubleshooting.

If your question is not answered here, you can also contact customer care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for more specific inquiries. Or visit our customer care center and our team will help you out.

How do I download this application?
Answer: The application is available for Android. User can download the application through plays store just by typing wi-tribe Digital Partner on search tab and download application. Download User Manual App
What is lead?

Answer: Lead means potential customer – When the user generates the information about a new customer it will be considered as a lead. Once the lead has been converted it will turn into a permanent customer.

What is the eligibility criteria for sales?
Answer: For every new sale, the lead will get 3 day free trial period upon which he/she can return the device if not suitable. Once the 3 day trial period is over,the lead will be considered successful and the user will be eligible for commission.


What if the referred lead close/discontinues the connection?

Answer:If the lead discontinues the connection within 3 day trial period then the user is not eligible for commission.

What commission will the user get after generating a confirmed lead?
Answer: For every successful lead generated the user will get Rs.800 transferred into his/her account.


Would there be any tax deducted from my earned money?
Answer: Yes! 15% withholding tax will be deducted from the commission as per government policy.


How will the referred lead be contacted through wi-tribe ?
Answer: Once the lead has been generated he/she will get a confirmation call from wi-tribe within 3 business hours.


How will this application work?
Answer: User just needs to download the application, enter his/her personal details and enter the lead/potential customer information in the form. Wi-tribe will do the remaining process of converting it into a permanent customer.


In which cities will this application work?
Answer: The application will work perfectly in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi.


How can I check the coverage area of the referred lead?
Answer: To find out about the exact coverage area of the lead. You can check his/her coverage area just by clicking on this link : http://wi-tribe.pk/coverage-area/

What products are we supposed to sell?
Answer: There are two home broad band products that are in option: A) LTE-Advanced connection B) WiMAX connection



How will I know about my confirmed lead?
Answer: Every user will get a notification over email for the confirmed lead.

How do I reach out for a support?

Answer: In case of any query or complaint the user can directly call at 021-38840388 or email us at WDP@pk.wi-tribe.com

How can I change my personal important information?

Answer: In case the user wants to change his/her bank account number, separate email needs to be sent at   WDP@pk.wi-tribe.com  and the user is supposed to visit the nearest care center for NIC verification. For other basic information change, the user can go to settings tab.

How will I know about my earned money?

Answer: At the top of screen the user will know about its earned money represented by coins.

How can I check my eligibility of sales/sales status?

Answer: For every successful lead, the lead will be transferred into the successful lead tab of the application.

What is the difference between Qualified & Successful leads?
Answer: After activation, lead will be qualified (placed in Qualified lead section) for the commission and upon exhausting three day trial period, lead will be eligible (placed in successful lead section) for the commission.

When will I get the earned money?

Answer: For every successful lead, the user will get the money transferred into his account on 10th Day of the next month.

What is the maximum lead mature time?


    Answer: Lead mature time is 3 working days.



Do I have to be wi-tribe customer for this application?

Answer: No! Anyone can use this application.

What is the medium of funds transfer?

Answer: The earned money will be transferred into the user’s bank account through intra bank funds transfer by wi-tribe.

What if wrong information provided during sign up i.e. Bank Account?
Answer: Incase during sign up wrong information was provided so user will be contacted on his registered email address and registered mobile number for correction.

When can lead be contacted if I generate lead after business hour?

Answer: The lead will be contacted the very next day in business hours.

What if the lead is not eligible?

Answer: The leads will be reflected in Failed leads tab in the application and commission will not be eligible.

In case of wrong information provided during sign up, what will be the process to change?

Answer: In case of wrong information during the sign up the user can change its name, email and passwords through settings. To change the bank account number the user needs to email us at WDP@pk.wi-tribe.com  and visit your nearest wi-tribe care center with your Nadra Identity Card. In response, our concerned department will contact the digital partner for correction.