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Can I use other wireless broadband devices to connect with wi-tribe?

answer:Unfortunately, you cannot use devices other than the one(s) provided by wi-tribe.

Can I use third party wireless routers or access points with my wi-tribe device to get Wi-Fi connectivity?
answer: Yes, you can use any third party router/access point to enjoy wi-fi connectivity on your wi-tribe device
Can I use wi-tribe services on all operating systems?

answer: wi-tribe’s Desktop, Wi-Fi and outdoor CPEs work on all operating systems.

Can I run services like remote desktop/IP cameras/DVRs/FTP and Windows Exchange servers using my wi-tribe connection?
answer: Yes, you can run all these service through simple port forwarding procedure on your CPE.
Does wi-tribe provide facilities such as email / web hosting?
answer: Sorry, wi-tribe does not currently offer these facilities.
Can wi-tribe provide me with email services such as SMTP and POP?
answer: Currently, we do not offer SMTP services or POP hosting. However, you may use your own SMTP server over the wi-tribe network. In case you face email issues, please contact your mail server provider for assistance.
Can I have a pool of IP addresses to use with my wi-tribe account?

answer: Unfortunately, wi-tribe is not providing IP address pools to customers at the moment. However, you can acquire a single static IP (PKR 300 per month). Please contact customer care for details.

Can I provide a WAN IP directly to my computer if I am using wi-tribe services?

answer: WAN IPs are assigned directly to wi-tribe devices, not the computer being used. If you want to run some application using a WAN IP, you can use port forwarding. Please contact customer care for help setting up port forwarding

What is the minimum signal strength my wi-tribe device should have for using the internet?

answer: Atleast two stable signals are recommended for trouble free browsing on wi-tribe devices. If you are using a wi-tribe Pocket Modem, your connection manager should show at least 40% signal strength.

How can I advertise my website through wi-tribe services?

answer: Yes, you can use port forwarding to run your own web-server.