SMS 9143

With SMS 9143, you can manage your account on-the-go from any mobile network by simply sending an SMS to 9143. SMS 9143 provides a host of features such as making bill payments, purchasing add-ons & services and acquiring other information about your account via a short code.

To get information about all the short codes, simply type 'witribe' from your mobile and send it to 9143.

Category Feature Short Code
Bill Payment For Information regarding bill payment via SMS Wt
For bill payment via Scratch Cards pay [Customer ID] [PIN1] [PIN2] [PIN3]
Information Services For information regarding unpaid bill amount, remaining volume and package detail Help
For volume balance Bal or BAL or bal[space]Customer ID
For outstanding bill amount Bill or BILL or bill[space]Customer ID
For currently subscribed package Pack or PACK or pack[space]Customer ID
For your registered wi-tribe accounts and respective volume balances ABI or Abi or abi[space]CNIC
Add-ons For information regarding purchase of wi-tribe add-ons Addon
For Upsize 2GB add-on 2gb or 2GB [space] Customer ID
For Upsize 5GB add-on 5gb or 5GB [space] Customer ID
For Speed boost add-on Sb or SB or sb[space]Customer ID
For Happy days (01 day) add-on Hd1 or HD1 or hd1[space]Customer ID
For Happy days (03 day) add-on Hd3 or HD3 or hd3[space]Customer ID
For Power Hours add-on PH or Ph or ph[space]Customer ID
Services For information regarding how to subscribe for wi-tribe services Service
For Antivirus service Av or AV or av[space]Customer ID
For Parental Control service Pc or PC or pc[space]Customer ID

* Each SMS sent to 9143 will be charged at Rs. 3 + tax