Scratch Card

wi-tribe scratch cards are now available at all wi-tribe customer care centers and over 300 retail outlets across Pakistan. In 7 denominations: Rs.100, Rs.250, Rs.300, Rs.500, Rs.1000 Rs.1200 & Rs.1500 – you can use any of the following methods to make a payment: SMS TO 9143 FROM ANY NETWORK*

  • Load up to 5 scratch cards for each SMS payment
  • Compose a new message in the following format:
  • pay<space>CustomerID<space>ScratchCardPin1<space>ScratchCardPin2<space>…
  • (up to 5 PINs can be added in each SMS)
  • Send the SMS to 9143
  • For instructions on how to send payments via SMS, send ‘wt’ to 9143 from any network


  • Using the wi-tribe Pakistan website: Visit and click on the ‘pay now’ button on top of the homepage.
  • Using my wi-tribe: Visit and click on ‘pay now’ button on the log in page OR click on ‘Account Recharge’ in the billing section once you are logged in. Simply enter your scratch card PIN and click Submit to confirm. [Charges of Rs.3+tax will apply upon each SMS]