Pay via UBL

Paying your bill is now easier then before!


If you are a UBL account holder, you can conveniently pay your wi-tribe bill using the options below:

Online banking (Inter-bank Funds Transfer)

To pay via online banking (Interbank Funds Transfer), simply follow the steps below:

  • First log in to your my wi-tribe account
  • Then click on the banner for Inter-bank Funds Transfer (IBFT) on my wi-tribe’s home page

UBL Online banking

  • To get started, first log in to your UBL online banking account.
    Then, click on ‘My Payments’ from the top menu.128
  • Broadband Internet Bills’ will appear at the bottom of the page. Click on ‘Add Broadband Internet Bills’ as shown in the image. 132
  • Enter the following details and then click the ‘Add’ button• In the company name, select ‘WITRIBE’ from the drop down menu• Enter your wi-tribe account customer ID, and• Type Bill Alias/ Nick142