Frequently Asked Questions

What is Circle of Friends?

Circle of Friends is wi-tribe's referral program, in which you can enjoy a Rs. 500 discount on your monthly line rent when one of your friends becomes a paying customer of wi-tribe.


How can I refer customers with Circle of Friends?

You simply need to log onto, click on Circle of Friends and provide the details of the person you would like to refer. Once the information is submitted, the referred customer will be contacted by our sales team within 3-5 working days.


Is there any limit to the number of friends I can refer?

There's no limit to the number of friends you can refer. More friends joining your Circle of Friends means more discounts for you.


When will I receive the Rs. 500 discount?

The referred friend must become a customer and pay their first full monthly bill for you to receive the Rs. 500 discount.


Can the person I refer purchase any wi-tribe package?

Yes, the referred person can purchase any of wi-tribe's range of broadband packages, designed specifically for today's internet user.


I have referred my friend with Circle of Friends, can he purchase his wi-tribe internet connection from any wi-tribe retail outlet?

No. Referral sales can only be processed through wi-tribe sales team or at our customer care centres. Sales made via retail outlets are not eligible for this offer.


Will the person I refer get any discount for joining wi-tribe?

The referred person will not get any discount upon joining wi-tribe. However, if they refer a friend to wi-tribe, they can also get a Rs. 500 discount.


If I refer more than 1 customer in a single month, how much discount will I receive?

Your Rs. 500 discount is divided over the number of months equaling the number of referrals made. For example, if you have referred 5 friends in a single month and all 5 of them pay their first full monthly bill, you will receive Rs. 500 discount for each of the next 5 months.


Will I still receive the discount if my referral switches to a different package?

Yes, you will still receive the discount even if the person you referred switches to a different package.


Can I still make a referral if there is an outstanding amount due against my account?

No, you need to clear all your outstanding dues before you can refer a friend to wi-tribe.


What if my referral wants two connections using the same details, such as the same CNIC?

Only one referral can be posted at a time using the same details. Once the sale has matured, another referral can be posted again with the same details.


When I submit the referral, I receive the error message 'Oops! This person has already been referred by someone else'

It means that someone else has already referred the same person and hence that person cannot be referred again. A fresh referral will have to be made.


Will I receive a discount every time the referred person clears his monthly bill?

No, you will only receive a single discount of Rs. 500 for each referral when they pay their first full monthly bill.


If I stop using wi-tribe, will I still receive discounts for the referrals I have made?

No, if you leave wi-tribe you will not receive any discount for the referrals that you have made.


I have a prepaid account. Can I still make a referral in Circle of Friends program?

No, prepaid customers cannot make referrals in Circle of Friends program.