1. HB Group

    2. HB group is a leading multinational enterprise having a diverse range of businesses across two continents.


    1. Sky telecom; one of the major entities under the umbrella of HB group, is delivering telecommunication and information technology services since 1996 in AJK Pakistan.


    1. It’s presence in this region provides an opportunity for wi-tribe to further tailor LDI, LLO and data services according to the needs of consumers and businesses in this potential market.


    1. HB group is driven by its vision of enhancing experience by providing unparalleled communication services that would bring forth an opportunity to harness the potential of wireless broadband internet for consumers as well as businesses, competitive LDI solutions and user friendly IPTV services in emerging economies.


    1. HB group aims to further solidify its presence in communication and information technology by leveraging wi-tribe’s brand equity through innovative solutions.