Wi-tribe Pakistan considers its relationship with its consumers as the corner-stone of its business and operations. However, the current turn of events has led the management of the company to decide to take on board it’s consumers and share facts beyond its control, that have resulted in prevalent legal proceedings initiated by wi-tribe Pakistan to protect its network and consumers.

Wi-Tribe Pakistan has been providing quality Internet Services in Pakistan since 2009 and has been investing heavily in building the Infrastructure to equip the network with 4.5G LTE Advanced technologies and has continued to invest since into the Company in order to seek sustainability and growth. One such step was the sale of its passive tower infrastructure to Towershare, which was then assigned to EDOTCO Towers, who after acquiring the same rented the space on the Towers to wi-tribe Pakistan. EDOTCO promised to provide services to ensure the optimum performance of the network.

Unfortunately, that was not the case and through direct and deliberate actions EDOTCO Towers has time and again disrupted the network of wi-tribe Pakistan by withholding support services, access to Towers, dismantling, damaging and confiscating essential telecom equipment and even shutting down the power to the Towers, while at the same time demanding full value for such non-existent services; a financial burden and an undue pressure no business could accept. Each time wi-tribe Pakistan invited EDOTCO Towers to the table to resolve these issues, EDOTCO Towers has insisted on wi-tribe Pakistan reducing its network size and capacity. However, wi-tribe Pakistan has been adamant to resolve the matters for the long-term provision of services through the Towers and for almost a year attempted to negotiate with EDOTCO Towers on these matters.

Wi-tribe Pakistan was completely caught off-guard when, at the start of the COVID 19 pandemic lockdowns, as the world truly began to rely on internet services and came together to ensure the survival of its affiliates and the economy at large, EDOTCO Towers thought it was the perfect opportunity to terminate its negotiations with wi-tribe Pakistan and to apply critical pressure, to extort undue amounts and admit to lies in legal documents or else face the end of its business. Such a callous attitude in such critical times did not deter wi-tribe Pakistan who continued to seek a middle ground to resolve the matter, while EDOTCO Towers kept shutting down critical Tower Facilities as a malicious and unconscionable pressure tactic. Eventually, in the month of July 2020 wi-tribe Pakistan was left with no other option but to approach the Courts in the matter, to restrain EDOTCO Towers from shutting down the Tower Facilities and resolve outstanding matters amicably and the Courts agreed by issuing stay orders in wi-tribe Pakistan’s favor.

Time and again the Courts were approached when EDOTCO Towers refused to accept the orders of the Court, even receiving numerous notices in contempt of court proceedings including show causes notices, showing no respect to the legal orders passed by the Courts by the wilful and blatant disregard of the same. The only response of EDOTCO Towers was to shutdown the remaining Towers of wi-tribe Pakistan as a punishment for seeking justice from the Courts, and that is where things stand today. This is in addition to engaging with the Regulator and the Government representatives to resolve the matter. Clearly, the level of disrespect shown by EDOTCO Towers towards the Pakistani law and Courts reflects equally on EDOTCO Group and Axiata, the Malaysian based parent companies of EDOTCO Towers that came with false promises of massive investments in Pakistan, but have been successful only in drastically affecting the business of all Pakistani telecom operators that have been duped in entering contracts with EDOTCO Towers. The Malaysian Government also needs to look at the parasitic behavior of its entities like EDOTCO Towers that are falsely claiming to invest in Pakistan but instead are creating a horrid economic environment and during the COVID 19 pandemic no less.

Wi-tribe Pakistan remains committed to its consumers and its financial obligations towards them, which shall be dealt with the moment the network is restored. However, it is imperative that the consumers stand beside us in such trying times and not lose heart while we battle the blatant disregard to law or the Courts exhibited by EDOTCO Towers.