1. Message from the President & Chairman, Shahid Malik


    1. At Wi-tribe our passion can be summed up in one simple sentence:
    2. “To introduce cutting-edge technology solutions and deliver the best quality customer experience for businesses and consumers anywhere in Pakistan”.


    1. Admittedly it sounds like the kind of rhetoric you might expect from companies like ours who operate in the world of the internet but we are not in the business of delivering rhetoric – our objective is to continuously strive to deliver excellence and in this respect, we believe our actions speak for themselves.


    1. By putting together a $50 million investment programme we are ensuring Wi-tribe makes more than just a move to the next stage in its inevitable evolution. Our decision to bypass 4G/LTE and jump straight from Wi-MAX technology to LTE-Advanced (4.5G) represents a quantum leap into the global technology premier league.


    1. Our transformation of Wi-tribe commenced soon after acquiring the company in March 2016.  The previous years had seen stagnation with the then owners Ooredoo (formerly Qatar Telecom) pondering for three years but unable to invest in a solution to double bandwidth and enhance customer experience. I am proud to say that within three months of taking over we managed to achieve this objective and upgraded our entire network across Pakistan.


    1. We now embark on the most exciting journey of Wi-tribe’s life – the road to LTE Advanced, the world’s fastest and most reliable internet technology, in partnership with Huawei of China. This cutting-edge 4.5G technology is the world’s most advanced, helping deliver the fastest home broadband internet service Pakistan has ever seen.


    1. We take immense pride in the fact that this represents the first deployment of 4.5G LTE-Advanced technology on 3.5Ghz frequency anywhere in South Asia and the Middle-East, making Wi-tribe, its staff and Pakistan pioneers of this internet revolution.


    1. Over the next three years, we plan to invest an extra $30 million in our technology infrastructure and of course our best asset, our workforce. Simultaneously, we are resolute in our commitment not to take any profits out of the company for at least the first three years.


    1. In the second decade of the second millennia the phrase ‘the internet changes peoples lives’ has become a demonstrable understatement, after all this is the technology that fuelled the Arab Spring and even the Presidential election outcome in the USA. At Wi-tribe we believe that Pakistan deserves first world solutions and our humble investment will, in a small way, contribute to the technological revolution that will drive Pakistan’s economy for decades to come.


    1. Finally, we would like to thank all our customers for their trust and loyalty over many years – we are thrilled to be able to reward their patience and enable them to experience the speed and quality of LTE Advanced 4.5G technology for themselves.


    1. Shahid Malik
    2. President & Chairman wi-tribe Supervisory Board