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LTE-A Advance Bill Payment Promo

  1. •Bill Payment Promo “2.5+0.5”
  2. -Pay 2.5 Months bill get half Month free LTE-A seamless services
  3. •Bill Payment Promo “5+1”
  4. -Pay 5 Months bill get 1 Month free LTE-A seamless services
  5. •Bill Payment Promo “10+2”
  6. -Pay 10 Months bill get 2 Months free LTE-A seamless services


  • Nightro is valid for 30 days and can be bought with LTE-A Truly Unlimited Packages Only.
  • Price: Rs350*/Month.
  • *Add-on price is excluding tax and taxes will be charged according to provisional slabs.

LTE-A Data Add-on’s:

LTE-A Extra Usage – 10GB  PKR.150/- + Taxes (Valid for 10 days)
LTE-A Extra Usage – 20GB  PKR.275/- + Taxes (Valid for 20 days)
LTE-A Extra Usage – 30GB  PKR.350/- + Taxes (Valid for 30 days)

These data add-ons will only be applicable to postpaid consumer packages of LTE-A

  • Add-ons can be purchased on any date of the month
  • Credit limit of PKR.500/- will be utilized for purchasing the add-ons
  • If the credit limit is exhausted these add-ons can only be purchased after getting advance payment from the customer
  • Add-ons will not expire if the account gets suspended
  • Add-ons will expire if the package is changed
  1. Welcome Bonus Promo

  2. LTE-A Welcome Bonus Promo20GBs additional volume on getting new LTE-A connection during 11th to 20th of the month
  4. LTE-A Welcome Bonus Promo10GBs additional volume on getting new LTE-A connection after 20th to end of the month
  6. Notes:
  7. -This is a limited time offer & applicable on LTE-A Postpaid Basic consumer packages only
  8. -The additional volume will be assigned within 1 working day of account creation
  9. -The validity of the addons will be 10 Days for 10 GBs and 20 Days for 20 GBs
  1. LTE-A New Sale Activation Waiver Promo on 3 & 6 Months Advance Payment

  • Get a new LTE-A connection by paying for 3 months in advance and get 50% Activation waiver.
  • Get a new LTE-A connection by paying for 6 months in advance and get 100% Activation waiver.
  1. Details:
  2. -Offer will work in conjunction with already in-place new sales and conversion promo for LTE-A.
  3. -Advance MLRs should be paid inclusive of Taxes.
  4. -These promos are applicable on all LTE-A postpaid consumer and corporate/enterprise packages.
  5. -These promos are not applicable on prepaid LTE-A Packages.
  6. -If a customer wants to close his connection during the advance payment duration he will be refunded the remaining amount after deduction of activation waiver given to him.

Static IP LTE-A

  1. Static IP facility for LTE-A postpaid customers is now available. Please find below the details and complete process.
  • Static IP will be available with postpaid packages only (not for prepaid)
  • Customer can get a static IP for Rs. 500 per billing cycle. Customer needs to pay the charges in advance along with the MLR.
  • Static IP will not be effected with the transition of plan
  • If a customer changes his region, his browsing will stop and Static IP will have to be changed
  • Static IP charges will not be prorated