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wi-tribe has been investing heavily in the consumer market since the year 2009. We have achieved a high level of satisfied customers who are using our WiMax services. We have now extended wireless broadband services for the corporate segments, ensuring that the needs of the customer base are duly met.

Taking a leap forward, we have launched our corporate internet services for the business community needs that range from high volume, high bandwidth users to VPN users. The devised services are being provided on point to point wireless that works on line of sight from distant towers as well as wired services, hence contributing to the missing links in most corporates and addresses the diverse needs of the corporate world.

wi-tribe with its robust and reliable network (99.9% uptime), is in a prime position to offer Business Class Internet services.

wi-tribe corporate internet services have been designed to cater to the corporate customers with attributes, such as dedicated account managers, highly trained technical/operations staff and minimal downtime. Furthermore, a dedicated corporate support team that ensures each customer gets a swift response to any issues being faced towards improving the customer experience. wi-tribe enterprise solutions portfolio of packages includes services for all types of corporate segments. The pricing bundles are designed taking into consideration the requirements of a small SME to a large-scale enterprise organization.

Solutions Offered

Wired Connectivity

Wired Connectivity can be availed by directly linking to the point of presence.

Point-to- Point Wireless Connectivity

In case the area/premises is located at a distance from the wi-tribe pop, connectivity will be extended through wireless point-to-point link.

Salient Features

Network Up-Time

wi-tribe has the best network up-time in the industry 99.9%.

Efficient Network

Our network is self-healing and fully efficient, backed by wireless & wired connectivity.

Skillful Resource 

wi-tribe's network is being managed by expert professionals with a proven track record in the industry.

Quality of Service 

wi-tribe ensures business-class internet.


Proven track-record upholding SLA, ensuring fast and reliable support

Dedicated Support 

24/7 dedicated Corporate Help Desk (CHD) managed by expert engineers.

To view our complete Corporate portfolio, please download the PDF document here.

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