Here you will find frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers for basic troubleshooting.

If your question is not answered here, you can also contact customer care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for more specific inquiries. Or visit our customer care center and our team will help you out.

What is wi-tribe?

Answer: wi-tribe is a focused and reliable broadband service provider that aims to create value for broadband in emerging markets by simplifying technology and offering services that will enrich the lives of its customers.

What is wi-tribe offering?

Answer: wi-tribe provides broadband service in 4 major cities of Pakistan.

In which cities are wi-tribe’s services available in Pakistan?

Answer: wi-tribe’s services are currently being offered in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi with plans to expand to other cities in the future.

If I am having trouble with my connection, who should I contact?

Answer: In case there is any problem in accessing wi-tribe’s broadband service, please email us on customercare@wi-tribe.pk, talk to our agent with our ‘Live Chat’ feature, Live Chat operation timings “10 AM to 10 PM Mon through Sat”, Use our sms complaint service “Just type WTC and send it to 9143” or call our Contact Center on 111-187-423.

What gives wi-tribe an edge over its competitors?

Answer: Our network has been specifically designed to provide high speed broadband, enabling wi-tribe to provide unparalleled service quality and coverage; keeping us one step ahead of competition and our latest technology of LTE-A 4.5G Speeds Packages makes us better then everyone as we are first in South Asia who have this technology.

What do Mbps and Kbps mean?
Answer: Mbps and Kbps determine your internet throughput/download speed. More specifically, Mbps and Kbps stand for megabits per second and kilobits per second respectively.
If I only use the Internet for browsing, what speed do I need?
Answer: For browsing, a relatively lower speed will serve the purpose. However, with high resolution pictures, videos and applications, a higher speed will give you a better internet experience.
With wi-tribe, can I play online games?
Answer: Yes, you can also play online games using wi-tribe’s high speed broadband service.
What type of devices is wi-tribe offering?
Answer: For indoor connectivity, we are currently offering wi-tribe’s Desktop Modem, Wi-Fi Modem and Pocket Modem.
How can I secure my Wi-Fi network?

Answer: In order to secure your Wi-Fi network, simply download your device’s user manual, which will guide you through the process. Simply click to select your device from the following list: LTE-A CAT4 |Motrola | Gemtek | Zyxel | Tenda W268R | Tenda N3 | MT-Link | Tenda N150

Can I take my CPE to other cities?

Answer: Yes, you can use your wi-tribe device in all cities of coverage across Pakistan. Please call us at 111-187-423 or visit your nearest care center along with your device for provisioning.

Can I use my current WiMAX CPE for wi-tribe connection?
Answer: In order to use wi-tribe’s service, you will be required to use wi-tribe’s provided devices. No other WiMAX CPE will be operational on the wi-tribe network.
Do I need to install any drivers for wi-tribe’s Desktop/Wi-Fi Modem/Pocket Modem?
Answer: All desktop and Wi-Fi devices provided by wi-tribe are completely plug’n play. No software installation or configuration is required at your end. However, the Pocket Modem requires Microsoft Service Pack 3 for use in windows XP.
What is the minimum requirement for a PC/laptop to use wi-tribe service?
Answer: For desktop & Wi-Fi modems, you only require a LAN Card/Network card in your system in order to use our service
If I need to upgrade/downgrade my package, what do I need to do?


3G Packages

Package upgrade/downgrade can be done once a month. In case of upgrade, the difference in your security deposit will be charged, payable in advance or added to your current month’s bill. In case of package downgrade, there will be no charge and no refund will be given.

LTE-A 4.5G Packages

Package upgrade/downgrade can be done once a month. In case of upgrade, the differential amount of both the Packages needs to be payable in advance. In case of package downgrade, a fixed charge of PKR.500/- (nonrefundable) will be applied which also needs to be paid in advance.

You can call our contact center on 111-187 423 or email us at customercare@wi-tribe.pk to upgrade/downgrade your service.

How can I change my device?
Answer: Device change is allowed once a month. You can change your device by paying an amount of Rs.500. The new device will be activated on the customer account and the package will be changed accordingly.
How can I freeze my wi-tribe account?

Answer: You can get your wi-tribe 3G services frozen for a minimum duration of 30 days (twice a service year) and a maximum duration of 60 days (once a service year). You will have to pay a fixed charge of Rs.100 per request for freezing your account (payable in advance or added to current month’s invoice). After the freezing period is over, the account will be activated automatically. You will have to clear all outstanding dues in order to freeze your account.

This option is however not available in wi-tribe`s LTE-A 4.5 service

How will I know that my maximum volume limit has been reached?

Answer: For volume limited packages, e-mail and SMS alerts are sent on consumption of 50%, 75%, 90% and 100% of volume. For details on your account consumption, please log on to my wi-tribe.

How can I pay my wi-tribe bill?

Answer: You can pay your bill through the following modes:


  • Cash: Payable at all Customer Care Centers
  • Cheque: Payable to “wi-tribe Pakistan Limited”
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • wi-tribe Scratch cards: Through my.wi-tribe or SMS 9143 facility
  • Easypaisa: At any easypaisa outlet in our cities of operation
  • Drop box facility: Available at all Care Centers
  • Home collection: You can call our helpline at 111-187-423 to request a home collection.
  • Payment through Banks: You can pay your wi-tribe bill at various branches of Standard Chartered, KASB Bank, Bank Islami and Samba Bank. Click here for a list of all supported banks.
  • Nadra e-Sahulat: At any Nadra e-Sahuat outlet in our cities of operation.
  • UBL Omni: At any UBL Omni Dukaan outlet in our cities of operation
  • Timepey: You can pay your bill by visiting your nearest Timepey shop.
Which add-ons does wi-tribe offer at the moment?

Answer: wi-tribe offers various add-ons to enhance your internet experience. Please visit here for details.

How can I purchase an add-on?

Answer: wi-tribe add-ons can be purchased by:


  1. logging into my wi-tribe (credit purchase*)
  2. calling our Contact Centre at 111-187-423 (credit purchase*)
  3. visiting a wi-tribe Customer Care Centre (advance cash payment)
  4. talking to our agent with the ‘Live Chat’ feature
  5. sending an SMS to 9143 in the following formats: 2GB(space)(Customer ID) or 5GB(space)(Customer ID)

*A credit purchase can only be made once a month, and has a maximum credit limit of Rs.300 only